Złoty Żuraw Rolnictwa


The aim of the competition is to select outstanding products exhibited at the Central Agricultural Fair and to award their producers with Golden Crane statuettes or honorable mentions and diplomas.

Products from the following groups can be reported to the competition:

  • agricultural machinery and equipment
  • fertilizers
  • plant protection products
  • fodders
  • other products related to agricultural activities.


  • Hodowla Roślin Smolice Sp. z o.o. – Grupa IHAR, for Bojko spring rye
  • Samasz Sp. z o.o – for XT 390 disk mower
  • „ AGROMIX” Production and Commercial Plant – for „Zero foam” skimmer for agrochemicals.
  • Agroexpert – Jarosław Kaczyński – for Agroakta – complete agricultural documentation,
  • Hobo Systems Sp. z o.o. – for the HOBO Application – Energy management
  • Polsad, Jacek Korczak – for KUBOTA tractor, MGX IV SERIES
  • Gama Group, Szepietowscy, sp. j – for Euromilk Qube robot
  • 365FarmNet GmbH – for the Harvest Transport Protocol, 365Active system
  • Warszawski Rolno-Spożywczy Rynek Hurtowy SA, Bronisze – for „Galeria Hurtu”, the first commercial and logistic hall in Poland